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Admissions Policies and Practices

Requirements for Admission

ASPIRA City College accepts applicants for admissions, who meet stated admission requirements and who demonstrate the interest and ability to complete successfully the program of study selected, without regard to age, race, creed, color, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation or national origin.

Candidates considering an application for admissions to ASPIRA City College are encouraged to meet with an Admission Advisor. If a candidate wishes to apply for admissions, the interview is a requirement of admissions. In either case, to the best of the Admission Advisor’s ability and resources, the discussion will focus on previous education, employment history, career interest and current needs and circumstances that bare on the candidate’s ability to complete the program of study successfully for which they have expressed interest. During this session, candidates are provided a full tour of the facilities along with information on the career and program of interest, student and graduate services, attendance and satisfactory academic progress requirements along with other information ASPIRA City College considers essential to informed decision making.

ASPIRA City College reserves the right to deny admissions to any applicant who do not meet educational requirements, cannot provide acceptable proof of education or who do not achieve the minimum required a score of thirteen (13) on the third attempt of the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE).

ASPIRA City College reserves the right to deny admissions to any applicant who meets minimum requirements based on misrepresentation or misconduct, regardless of offense or location, that it believes may adversely affect ASPIRA City College and the College community. Additionally, ASPIRA City College reserves the right to deny an application for admissions if the applicant fails to meet the requirements of a Conditional Acceptance. Applicants who meet minimum qualifications and denied entrance may appeal the denial to the Campus Director.

Applicants denied admissions, for any reason, will receive a full refund of the registration fee paid. Registration fee refunds are issued by check and sent to the address on record for the applicant not later than ten (10) business days of the denial decision.

The school will refund the registration fee paid if a student requests in writing cancellation of their enrollment by notifying the School within five calendar days after signing the Enrollment Agreement and before attending a class. A request for cancellation which is not made in writing shall be confirmed in writing by the student within an additional period of five days. If after ten (10) calendar days, the school has not received written confirmation of cancellation, the registration fee paid will be retained by the school.

Applicant Procedure
To apply, you must be beyond the age of compulsory school attendance, generally at least 17 years of age.

STEP 1: Schedule On-Campus Personal Interview
Schedule an on-campus personal interview with a ASPIRA City College Admission Advisor.

STEP 2: Participate in Personal Interview

a. Upon arriving for your personal interview, you will complete a short Personal Profile. The Person Profile facilitates discussion about your previous education, employment history, career interest and ability to complete the program of study for which you express interest.

b. The session includes a full campus tour, information on the career and program of interest, student and graduate services, satisfactory academic progress requirements, tuition and fee, a Financial Aid Overview along with other information you and ASPIRA City College consider essential to informed decision making.

STEP 3: Complete and Submit Application for Admission

You may, if desired, complete and submit an Application for Admissions at the end of the on-campus interview or return to do so at another time.

STEP 4: Provide Proof of High School Graduation

Provide documentation proving that you have earned a U.S. High School Diploma or equivalent general education diploma (GED). Original documents must be presented for ASPIRA City College review. The original documents are returned.

a. If you don’t have the original diploma: U.S. high school graduates who are unable to present their original high school diploma must obtain an official transcript sent directly to ASPIRA City College.

b. If you have a GED: If you have a GED, you must provide the original document including the diploma portion and the portions showing grades earned. If either part of the GED is unavailable, you must obtain an official transcript from the issuing State Department of Education.

c. If you have foreign academic credentials: If not in English, you must have your credentials translated to English. All credentials earned in foreign countries must be evaluated by a Professional Academic Evaluation Service to establish the equivalency to the United States educational system. Fees associated with translation and evaluation of foreign academic credentials are an applicant expense. Your Admission Representative can provide you details on access to and use of these resources.

STEP 5: Submit Registration Fee
Submit a registration fee of fifty dollars ($50). The registration fee may be paid by cash, check, money order or credit card.

STEP 6: Entrance Exam
The applicant must achieve a score of thirteen (13) or higher on the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam. The applicant has three (3) attempts to meet the minimum score.

STEP 7: Complete and Sign Enrollment Agreement
You must complete and sign a ASPIRA City College Enrollment Agreement (student contract) when you have completed steps one (1) through four (4) fully. When all admissions requirements are satisfied, the Enrollment Agreement is signed by either the Director of Admissions, Campus Director or the Director of Education. You are provided a true copy of the signed Enrollment Agreement. If you are under the age of eighteen (18), you and a parent or legal guardian must sign the Enrollment Agreement.


ASPIRA City College is an equal opportunity educational institution. The College admits students without regard to age, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or national origin and does not discriminate on the basis age, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or national origin in administration of its admission, educational, student services policies, loan programs, and other school-administered activities. The facility provides individuals with disabilities accommodation with street-level entry, doorways, and corridors of adequate width for wheelchairs in addition to an inside elevator for transport between floors. Anyone with questions concerning protection against discrimination should direct to them to ASPIRACC Title IX Coordinator: Ms. Madeline Sargent 4322 North 5th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19140 (215) 568-9215 ext 7009.
Conditional Acceptance
Conditional acceptance, also called provisional or conditional admission is an application status with a time limit that enables an applicant to apply to the College on the condition that the applicant will meet all admission requirements not met at the time of application. Full acceptance of the application is pending satisfaction of all admission requirements.

The admissions status, Conditional Acceptance, allows applicants to apply for admissions, who, at the time of their on-campus application are missing either documented proof of high school graduation, or the equivalent, a portion of the total registration fee, or the time necessary to sit for the Wonderlic SLE Entrance Exam. The Conditional Acceptance Status provides the newly applied student time to get required documentation, satisfy a registration fee balance or time to test with undue pressure. Conditional acceptance also enables high school seniors an early decision pending completion of high school and submission of an official transcript. Full approval of the application is dependent on the satisfaction of all admission requirements.

ASPIRA City College has the right to deny a Conditionally Accepted Application if the conditions of acceptance are unmet, or it becomes aware of undisclosed wrongdoing or material misrepresentation. If the conditionally accepted application does not gain full approval, ASPIRA City College refunds the registration fee paid by the student, or on behalf of the student, within ten (10) business days of the denial.

Full Acceptance
This Policy establishes a guideline for student recruitment and admission processes that are responsible, equitable and in support of informed decision-making by both candidates for admissions and ASPIRA City College.

Applicants are required to attend an on-campus information session, tour, and personal interview with a ASPIRA City College Representative, to ensure to the best of its resources and abilities, students gain the information necessary before deciding to apply, enroll and start classes. The student is considered Conditionally Accepted until satisfying all admission requirements.

ASPIRA City College advances the Student Application for Admissions to the signing of an Enrollment Agreement after the student satisfies all stated admission requirements. The ASPIRA City College Director of Admissions is responsible for confirming the receipt of and validity of all documents submitted as proof of High School completion. The applicant is considered fully accepted when all admission requirements are met and both the candidate and appropriate ASPIRA City College official sign and date the Enrollment Agreement.

New Student Orientation
Attending Orientation is mandatory for new students before their start in the program for which they have applied. The event provides the opportunity for new students along with family and friends to meet faculty, staff, in addition to other new and continuing ASPIRA City College students.

If the new student foresees a conflict that may prevent him or her from attending New Student Orientation, ASPIRA City College expects the student to discuss this in advance with their Admission Representative or the Director of Admissions for necessary accommodations.

ASPIRA City College faculty and staff provide students in-depth information to promote a successful student experience. Students benefit from introductions to library resources, internet access, student lounges, cell phone zones, restrooms, administrative offices, and first semester classrooms. ASPIRA staff provide functional information on student services, career services, academic requirements, externships, campus safety and security, current work-study opportunities and important policies. They receive library log-ins, student photo ID, their first-semester class schedule and course materials. New Student Orientation promotes confidence and minimizes new student jitters.

Transfer Credits to ASPIRA City College
The Credit Transfer Policy establishes a guideline for making credit acceptance decisions fair and operative. To be considered for credit transfer a student must be enrolled in one of a ASPIRA City College’s Associate of Specialized Technology degree programs. The student must meet all admission requirements before a request for credit transfer is evaluated. Credits presented for transfer consideration must originate from courses previously taken at institutions of higher education and must be substantially similar in content to the coursework in the program for which the student has applied. The student must have earned a grade of a “B” or better for transfer credit consideration. The maximum number of transfer of credits permissible for advanced standing is limited to twelve (12) credits. As the receiving institution, ASPIRA City College reserves the right to determine what credits, if any, it will accept for transfer. The listing of credits received for equivalent courses from another institution of higher education is not meant to imply transferability of credit to ASPIRA City College.

The Request for Transfer of Credit must be approved on or before the student’s start date as identified on the enrollment agreement, but no later than the first week of classes after the student’s scheduled start date. ASPIRA City College will not accept a Request for Transfer of Credit beyond the first week of the program after the student’s start date.

Request Credit Transfer | Procedure

The student must submit a completed Request for Transfer of Credit Form to the Office of Admissions with an official school transcript from the issuing institution and the course description. The Office of Admissions forwards the Request and related documents to the Director of Education for review.

The Director of Education makes an approval determination within three (3) business days and advises the Campus Director. The Campus Director makes the final determination and notifies all parties of the decision rendered. The Director of Financial Aid calculates the tuition adjustment, revises the financial aid plan and award then reviews the determination and plan modification with the student.

Transferability of Credits to Other Institutions
Acceptance of credits by any institution other than the granting institutions is at the sole discretion of the receiving institution. No representation is made whatsoever concerning the transferability of any credits earned at ASPIRA City College to any other institution. Students choosing to attend ASPIRA City College should assume the diploma or degree earned is a terminal credential and credits earned will not be accepted for credit by the receiving institution. An institution’s accreditation does not imply or guarantee that credits earned at any one institution will transfer to another institution. Students must contact the Office of the Registrar at the receiving institution to determine what credits if any, that the institution will accept.

Veterans, Military Service Personnel, and Their Families

ASPIRA City College is proud to honor United States veterans, members of the military and their families for the service they provide to our country. Eligible members of the military, veterans and their family members, may be eligible to receive educational benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs approves ASPIRA City College for the training of veterans, members of the military, and their family members. To help interested parties explore the availability of educational benefits for which they may qualify, the College provides a qualified School Certifying Official within the Office of Financial Aid.

All students in a ASPIRA City College program cohort, including students receiving educational benefits from an eligible VA Programs, are charged the same tuition and fees. ASPIRA City College knows that students on active or reserve duty are required, on occasion, to meet service obligations necessitating a temporary release from class attendance. In such cases, ASPIRA City College grants students eligible for Military Leave, temporary leave from the program according to, federal and state guidelines on military service without compromise to the student’s satisfactory academic progress or financial obligation to the school. Students who are veterans and military service members have the right to withdraw from their program of study. Please see the ASPIRA City College School Catalog on student’s right to withdraw, refund policies and the return of Title IV funding.



Education Policies and Practices

Student Academic Progress (SAP)
The Student Academic Progress (SAP) policy details how students advance and maintain good academic standing to satisfy completion requirements.  Education, Accounting, and Financial Aid personnel adhere to the SAP Policy to ensure that it is applied consistently to all students.  Grades and attendance are critical indicators of Student Academic Progress.  As a component of Student Academic Progress, student attendance is taken and recorded daily for each course.  ASPIRA City College uses class attendance as (1) a graduate requirement, (2) a percentage of individual courses in the grading rubric listed on each course syllabus and (3) overall attendance which is unrelated to the course rubric and applied to a course’s grade as per the course rubric.  Finally, students receiving financial aid must maintain satisfactory academic progress for continued eligibility.
Grading System
Grade Numerical
Grade Points
A 94-100 4.00
A- 90-93 3.67
B+ 87-89 3.33
B 84-86 3.00
B- 80-83 2.67
C+ 77-79 2.33
C 74-76 2.00
C- 70-73 1.67
D+ 67-69 1.33
D 60-66 1.00
R   0.00
F 59 and below 0.00
I Incomplete 0.00
W Withdrawal 0.00

Quality Points are the cumulative points used to calculate the Grade Point Average (GPA). Only classes receiving grades of A, B, C, D, or F are used to calculate the GPA. Students earn four points for each credit of A, three points for each credit of B and two points for each credit of C.

ASPIRA City College calculates the GPA by multiplying the number of credits assigned to a course by the numerical grade received in that course to determine the quality points for each course. The quality points are accumulated for each semester and divided by the number of credits attempted in that semester. If a student repeats a course, the grade achieved in the repeated course will be the grade of record.

If a student receives an “I” for a course, they receive written notification of the work expected and the completion date. The student must complete the required coursework satisfactorily not later than by the end of the first month of the succeeding semester. Incomplete coursework that is not finished and submitted by the completion date will result in a grade of “F” for the course. If a student withdraws officially from a course, the posted grade is “W.” The record reflects the “attempted course” however the “W” is not calculated in the overall grade point average for the program.

Students must attain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 1.0 at the end of the first semester of the program, a 1.5 at the midpoint of the program, and a 2.0 upon program completion (based on the 4.0 scale). Students who fall below a 2.0-grade point average are placed on academic warning, probation or declared ineligible to return to school. The semester GPA that defines each of the categories varies according to the credit levels as follows:

Full-Time Students
Semester Credits Attempted Academic Warning Academic Probation
1 0-15 1.00 – 1.99 GPA 0.00 – 0.99 GPA
2 16-31 1.50 – 1.99 GPA 1.00 – 1.49 GPA
3 32-46 1.75 – 1.99 GPA 1.50 – 1.74 GPA
4 47-62 1.75 – 1.99 GPA 1.75 – 1.99 GPA
Part-Time Students
1 0-6 1.00 – 1.99 GPA 0.00 – 0.99 GPA
2 12-15 1.50 – 1.99 GPA 1.00 – 1.49 GPA
3 21-22 1.75 – 1.99 GPA 1.75 – 1.99 GPA
4 27-28 1.75 – 1.99 GPA 1.75 – 1.99 GPA
5 35-36 1.75 – 1.99 GPA 1.75 – 1.99 GPA
6 42-44 1.75 – 1.99 GPA 1.75 – 1.99 GPA
7 49-52 1.75 – 1.99 GPA 1.75 – 1.99 GPA
8 56-62 1.75 – 1.99 GPA 1.75 – 1.99 GPA

All students receive a written Progress Report at the end of each semester and a complete transcript at the end of the program.  If a student is on Academic Warning, then that status is evident on their Progress Report and Transcript.  Students placed on Academic Warning receive a written notice to meet with the Director of Education not later than during the first week of the next semester to generate an academic plan.  The Director of Education will inform any student at the semester midpoint if they have a grade of “D” or “F” in any course to develop a remedial academic and monitoring plan for the balance of the semester.  Students on Academic Warning because their GPA is below the minimum required may remain eligible to receive financial aid.

Satisfactory Academic Progress
Students make Satisfactory Academic Progress by achieving course competencies as reflected in minimum grade point averages and attendance standards. Unexcused and excessive absences, excessive lateness and unresolved incompletes are grounds for termination from the program.

Students must complete a minimum number of credits during each academic year attempted to make adequate progress towards graduation. To graduate within the maximum time frame, students must complete 77% of credits they attempt. The credit hours attempted cannot exceed 1.5 times the credit hours required to complete the program.  ASPIRA City College places students who fail to achieve the minimum number of credits per academic year on Academic Probation.  Courses dropped during the add/drop period are not considered attempted.

Academic Probation
If a student fails to meet the minimum cumulative GPA or achieve the required minimum number of credits per Academic Year, they are placed on Academic Probation.  Students placed on Academic Probation receive a written notice to meet with the Director of Education not later than during the first week of the next semester to generate an academic plan.  During the Academic Probationary Period, the student who did not meet the Academic Progress Standards maintains eligibility to receive financial aid.

Students placed on Academic Probation are allowed one semester to achieve the minimum GPA and credits required.  If the student fails to attain the Minimum GPA Requirements or earn the credits needed after the period of Academic Probation, the student is dismissed from the program and is considered ineligible to receive financial aid.

If a student is dismissed from the program because they failed to meet minimum academic performance requirements, they may petition ASPIRA City College for reinstatement by providing a clear statement justifying such consideration with evidence indicating the student’s potential for academic success. If ASPIRA City College approves the petition, the student is reinstated on Academic Probation for one semester with the stipulation that the student must achieve the minimum grade point average and credits required by the end of that semester.  If the student meets all minimum academic requirements by the end of the probation period, financial aid eligibility may be restored.

Graduation Requirements
To be considered as a graduate of ASPIRA City College and receive the applicable academic credentials associated with successful program completion students must:

  • Pass all courses prescribed in the program syllabus with a grade of “D” or higher.
  • Achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0.
  • Settle all financial obligations to the school.
Leave of Absence
Occasionally, for medical, personal, military or other reasons, students may need to be temporarily released from attendance at ASPIRA City College but may not wish to withdraw. Under certain circumstances, students may be eligible for a Leave of Absence.  Requests for a leave of absence must be made in writing using the Leave of Absence Request Form and specify a reason.

The Campus Director may grant a Request for Leave of Absence after careful consideration, regarding the reason for the request and all other pertinent factors.ASPIRA City College will only approve the request where the student provides reasonable expectation that they would return within 180 days (within a 12-month period).  Upon approval, ASPIRA City College will provide verbal and written communication to Title IV recipients of the consequences concerning loan repayment and the loan repayment grace period if the student does not return within the 180-day period.

Students are eligible for Military Leave for voluntary or involuntary military services in conformity with applicable federal and state laws.

Additional Reference: Satisfactory Academic Progress, SAP

Withdrawal Policy
An unofficial withdrawal may consist of but is not limited to fifteen (15) consecutive class absences or failure to notify the Campus Director of a decision to withdraw from school or both.

The student should inform ASPIRA City College as soon as possible after making a final decision to withdraw to receive the most equitable refund of tuition paid.

Official Withdrawal Procedure

The student completes the ASPIRA City College Change of Status Form and submits the completed Form to the Campus Director.

Consumer Information

Web Design Program Tuition and Fees | Gainful Employment and Consumer Information Report



Tuition $387.00 Per Credit Hour;
$5,998.50 Average Per Semester
Registration Fee One-Time Fee $50.
Technology Fee One-Time Fee, Estimate $279.
Lab Fee $50. Per Semester $200.
Cost of Books $500. Per Semester, Estimate $2,000.
Administrative Fee None Charged $0.
Graduation Fee None Charged $0.
Above Represents Typical Tuition and Fees for Students Completing the Program Within Normal Time

Computer Support Specialist Program | Tuition and Fees



$387.00 Per Credit Hour;

$5,998.50 Average Per Semester

Registration Fee One-Time Fee $50.
Technology Fee One-Time Fee, Estimate $279.
Lab Fee $50. Per Semester $200.
Cost of Books $500.Per Semester, Estimate $2,000.
Administrative Fee None Charged $0.
Graduation Fee None Charged $0.
Above Represents Typical Tuition and Fees for Students Completing the Program Within Normal Time

Medical Secretary Program | Gainful Employment and Consumer Information Report



$276.25 Per Credit Hour;
$6,215.63 Average Per Semester Full-time student

Registration Fee One-Time Fee $50.
Technology Fee One-Time Fee, Estimate $100.
Lab Fee $50. Per Semester  
Cost of Books $500.Per Semester, Estimate  
Administrative Fee None Charged $0.
Graduation Fee None Charged $0.
Above Represents Typical Tuition and Fees for Students Completing the Program Within Normal Time

Financial Aid Policies and Practices

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, FERPA
Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 Statement of Compliance General Policy Under the authority of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), students have the right to examine specific files, records, or documents which are maintained by the school about them. It is the policy of the school to monitor educational records to ensure that they do not contain information which is inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise inappropriate. Only those ASPIRA City College personnel who have a legitimate administrative or educational interest are permitted access to student records.

In compliance with FERPA, ASPIRA City College permits students to examine such records within forty-five (45) days after submission of a written request, and payment of five dollars ($5) for the cost of reproduction to obtain copies of the records. Students may request the school to amend their education records asserting that they are inaccurate, misleading, or in violation of their right to privacy.

ASPIRA City College maintains all student records for seven (7) years at which time it may destroy records that are deemed no longer useful or pertinent to the student’s tenure. The College maintains Directory Information permanently. Directory Information features student name, address, telephone number(s), date of birth, program, start date, dates of attendance, degree/diploma awarded, academic transcript, initial post-graduation employer(s), job title(s) and post-graduation job titles.

ASPIRA City College may release student information without students’ consent under specific circumstances exempt from the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act. In all other cases, the school shall obtain the written consent of the student before releasing such information to any person or organization.

ASPIRA City College ensures refunds are calculated accurately and processed according to policies and standards set by the U. S. Department of Education, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.  In keeping with these standards, ASPIRA City College keeps an accurate record of student attendance, the critical determinate in calculating student refunds.

Denial of Admission – If ASPIRA City College denies an application for admission the student or the person who paid fees on behalf of the student receives a refund of all monies paid.

Cancellation Within Five (5) Calendars Days of Signing an Enrollment Agreement – ASPIRA City College refunds all monies paid by the student or on behalf of a student if the student cancels the application for admission within five (5) calendar days of the signing the enrollment agreement.

Cancellation or Withdrawal After the Fifth (5) Calendar Day. If a student withdraws their application or cancels enrollment after the fifth (5) calendar day the registration fee paid is not refundable. Tuition refunds are calculated based on the funds earned at the time the student withdraws or is terminated by ASPIRA City College.  Title IV funds are returned based on the procedures stated below. The return of funds follow the refund policy guidelines specific to the funding source.

The Return of Title IV Funds is calculated by:

  • Determining the date of withdrawal/termination and the percentage of attendance by the student.
  • Determining the amount of the Title IV aid earned by the student by multiplying the total Title IV aid for which the student was eligible by the percentage of time enrolled. If the student completed 30% of the semester, the student earns 30% of the assistance initially scheduled to be received. Once the student has completed 60% or more of the semester, all the Title IV aid has been earned.
  • Comparing the amount earned to the amount disbursed; if the amount earned is greater than the amount disbursed, then a post-withdrawal disbursement must be made if the student is eligible for a post-withdrawal disbursement under the cash management rules. If the amount disbursed exceeds the amount earned, ASPIRA City College returns the unearned Title IV funds to the Title IV Program.
  • Allocating the responsibility for returning unearned aid between the school and the student according to the portion of disbursed aid that could have been used to cover institutional charges and the portion that could have been disbursed directly to the student once the charges are covered.

Period and Order of Refund – Any calculated refund due to a student is applied first to unpaid charges owed the school. The remainder is sent directly to the student who signed the enrollment agreement. Under this policy, ASPIRA City College issues refunds within 45 days of receipt of cancellation or withdrawal or the date of determination on the R2T4, in the following order below:

Unsubsidized Federal Direct Student Loans

Subsidized Federal Direct Student Loans

Federal Direct PLUS Loans

PHEAA State Grants

WIA Grants

Institutional Aid


Starting Date –  If the school postpones a program start date, enrolled students for that program may start the program given the new start date or cancel their enrollment. If the student cancels their enrollment due to the postponed start date, ASPIRA City College issues a full refund to the enrolled students within 30 days.

Admission Denial – An applicant denied admission by the school receives a full refund of all monies paid.

Termination Date – The student’s last day of recorded attendance in class or academic activity.

Payment Period – In determining refunds, the payment period is the semester in which the student scheduled classes or enrolled.


Commonwealth of Pennsylvania | State Refund Policy

  1. The refund for a student who withdraws or is withdrawn by ASPIRA City College after the academic period of scheduled classes has commenced, but before the completion of the academic period will be calculated on the following refund schedule:
    1. a. An official withdrawal from ASPIRA City College requires that the student provide official notice in a documentable format. Students who officially withdraw from courses or ASPIRACC will receive a grade of “W.”  Students who abandon their academics or fail to return to academic study will be considered as “Unofficial” withdrawals and will receive a grade of “F” in the impacted courses.
    2. b. A student who withdraws or is withdrawn from ASPIRACC during the first seven [7] calendar days of the academic period, the tuition charges refunded shall be 75% of the tuition for the academic period
    3. c. A student who withdraws or is withdrawn from ASPIRACC after the first seven [7] calendar days but within the first 25% of the academic period, the tuition charges to be refunded shall be 55% of the tuition for the academic period
    4. d. A student who withdraws or is withdrawn from ASPIRACC after 25% and up to the 50% point of the academic period, the tuition charges to be refunded shall be 30% of the tuition for the academic period
    5. e. A student who withdraws or is withdrawn from ASPIRACC after 50% of the academic period is NOT entitled to a refund of tuition for the academic period
    6. f. The determination of % of tuition refund is based upon full payment of tuition being made at the commencement of the academic period. The actual charges and/or adjustments required upon withdrawal are posted on the student account ledger indicating any reduction in outstanding costs owed by the student
    7. g. Student Financial Aid, Title IV; students who withdraw or are withdrawn will be subjected to the Return to Title IV requirements.
  1. The termination date is the date used for determining refund calculations, charges, and the returns of Title IV funds. The termination date is the last date of recorded attendance by the student in the academic period.
  1. A refund, if due, is issued within 30-calendar days of the date the student fails to begin the program, leaves the program, or fails to return from a semester break or leave of absence as required by PA Code 73.136

Net Price Calculator

Safeguarding and Use of Inquiry Information

Your Privacy Is Very Important to Us.

Accordingly, we have developed this statement for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate and make use of personal information. The following outlines our privacy statement.

  1. Before or at the time of collecting personal information, we identify the purposes for which information is collected.
  2. We collect personal information by lawful means and, where appropriate, with the knowledge or consent of the individual.
  3. We collect and use personal information solely with the objective of fulfilling purposes specified.
  4. We do not provide personal information collected to any third party unless we obtain the consent of the individual or as law requires us.
  5. We retain personal information for as long as necessary to fulfill those stated purposes.
  6. We protect personal information by reasonable security safeguards against theft, unauthorized access or use, disclosure or copying.

We are committed to these principles to ensure that the confidentiality of personal information is protected and maintained. If you feel that we are not abiding by this privacy statement, or if you’d like us to delete your information — contact us immediately.


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