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Career Services

Career Services at ASPIRA City College include two components:  comprehensive job search skills training and job search assistance. Comprehensive Job Search Skills Training Our job search skills training goes far beyond the usual learning how to write résumés, answering interview questions, and dressing for success. These are individual skills useful at some stage of the process, but are simply not enough to be successful in a 21st-century technology-driven job search. Through our job search skills course, taught in all our programs, our students learn what most have never learned – how to market themselves successfully. This course leads our students through the three key components of a successful job search: 
  1. Identifying the best job search strategies for their personal goals.
  2. Knowing exactly what to do and when to do it.
  3. Staying motivated in the face of possible frustration and rejection.
Job Search Assistance  Although no school licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, State Board of Private Licensed Schools can guarantee employment, ASPIRA City College offers eligible graduates job search assistance. When prospective employers list job opportunities with ASPIRA City College, our Career Services Coordinator will match the job criteria and the student’s stated job requirements and skills sets.  The student will be notified of the interview opportunity if there is a match, and given instructions on how to make contact with the prospective employer.  We will guide you through the entire interview process.