How to Balance School with Work, Family, and Daily Life Successfully | ASPIRA City College
Whether you’re working, have kids to take care of, or simply have a packed schedule, it can look a bit daunting to balance the daily demands of life while attending college. And with a lot on your plate, it’s easy to put starting school this next term on the back burner.

The fact is, easier doesn’t happen next term, next year, or any time later. And that’s the very reason ASPIRA City College offers practical and proven suggestions on how to balance school and life. Here’s some advice on navigating your busy life, so it doesn’t stop you from starting the education you need to get ahead now.

Tap into Your Support Network

Everyone’s support network looks different. For some, it’s parents, siblings, and friends, while for others, it’s a romantic partner or cheering children. And for some students, that support and ongoing encouragement come exclusively from fellow students, instructors, and campus staff – and ASPIRA City College is there for that.

No matter what your support network looks like, make sure to ask for help when you need it. Your family might be able to cook dinner, help out with some other home tasks, or take care of the kids, especially on busy days. Similarly, your classmates and instructors can offer much-needed understanding, so you know you’re not alone on the road to your degree. And take it from us – ASPIRA City College faculty and staff always seem to have something on their desks for students to munch.

Stay Organized

Having a job or being a student with children comes with responsibilities, and staying organized can help you manage successfully. To stay ahead of assignments, some students find it helpful to use a planner or calendar – whether electronic or paper – to help sort out what they have to do each day, week, or even month. By taking a little time to plan and organize everything visually, including errands, assignments, and even your family and social life, you can make better use of the time you have.

Similarly, carving out a workspace in your home where you can routinely do your school assignments and study makes an enormous difference. One of our students, who is a mom living in a small apartment with her kids, used the bathtub. She tossed in a few pillows and did all her schoolwork and studying there. It’s what she could do, and it worked for her. By creating a dedicated workspace, you can develop positive study habits, and that makes all the difference in how well you do.

With a planner and that workspace combined, you’ll find yourself getting things done. You’ll also discover that going to school and managing your busy life is manageable, decreasing your stress level tenfold.

Pursue Your Passion

Back in 1968, Malcolm X said, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” He didn’t mean it’s supposed to be easy, but that you have to work for the future you want.

So, if you decide to attend school while you work or juggle other demands, one of the best pieces of advice that ASPIRA City College can give is to pursue your passion. When you love what you’re studying and can keep the vision of the future you’re creating in front of you at all times, you stay motivated – even on the toughest days. If you’re ready to get started or want to learn more about our career training programs, contact us, or schedule a campus tour today.