Master Your Career Training Program with These Study Tips | ASPIRA City College

If you’re starting one of ASPIRA City College’s programs, like many, you may be a bit concerned about studying, taking exams, or balancing school with work or family life – especially if it’s been a while since you were last in school. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. With how far you’ve already come, you owe it to yourself to sharpen your study and test-taking skills. Here, we provide study tips for students to help them achieve their best, whether attending classes on our campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or online.

Develop a Routine

While our Medical Secretary, Web Design, and Computer Support Specialist career training programs are practical by design, our students should still expect to put in time and effort outside of class for homework assignments, studying, and projects. To develop good habits from the start, students should form a routine that largely depends on which class schedule they choose and their other responsibilities. To accommodate students, ASPIRA City College offers three program schedules both online and on-campus. Regardless of your class schedule, the key is to be consistent and hold yourself accountable.

Adequately Prepare for Assignments, Projects, and Exams

High school curriculums don’t often include how best to read for recall, study, take notes, or take exams. As a result, it’s completely normal to feel nervous about accomplishing these tasks in college, but it’s now up to you to establish a study routine and adequately prepare for your assignments, projects, and exams.

At ASPIRA City College, your instructors provide you with critical dates in advance so you can plan effectively. Of course, daily life doesn’t always go as planned, so if something gets in the way, get back on plan as quickly as possible. One of the best introductory tips we can offer is to stay organized and do whatever it takes to avoid doing things at the last minute. Here are a few additional study tips to get you started with us:

  • Study in an area free of distractions (i.e. TV or text messages).
  • Use three–ring binders rather than spiral-bound binders so you can insert hand-outs and other papers where you need them.
  • Take notes or create keyword outlines to reinforce the material from class or assigments.
  • Study with flashcards. Repetition improves recall and recognition for quizzes and exams.
  • Take full advantage of your 24/7 access to ProQuest, our digital library, with research databases plus 700+ full-text career titles and trade journals to support your learning experience.

Our online students benefit from accessing everything directly from our online learning platform, Electa. They attend their live instructor-led classes on Electa, do homework, projects, take quizzes, and even get to our 24/7 digital library through Electa. And, Electa lets students, teachers, and student support meet face-to-face virtually, so whatever service the student needs is readily available.

Get Ready for Your Upcoming Classes

Between classes, be sure to jot down questions to ask your instructor. If you feel the need, you can listen to any of your live instructor-led classes again because we record them for you to replay. While you should attend all of your classes, if you are an online student and miss one, your instructor can give you access to the recorded session to get you back on track quickly.

The Right Fit, The Right Program, The Right Place

All success tips aside, to cross the finish line on graduation day, you must put in the necessary time and effort. With ASPIRA City College’s short-term career training programs and your commitment to cross the finish line, you will be ready to apply your knowledge and skills to launch your new career. Your commitment to succeed is everything – and our commitment to you meets it. To learn more, schedule an in-person or virtual visit for an info session or contact us today. If you’re ready to launch your future, you can APPLY NOW online.