Our Coronavirus Safety Measures – ASPIRA City College

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To protect the health of our students, faculty, staff, and the public, ASPIRA City College closed its Philadelphia campus in response to the Coronavirus during early March with faculty and staff working remotely. The campus remains closed and will continue to be closed until public health advisories guide otherwise. As of March 17, 2020, our students attend regularly scheduled instructor-led classes on a virtual teaching platform.

ASPIRA online learningSince its inception in 1972, the ASPIRA City College teaching model relied on hands-on career training delivered by instructors in our on-campus classrooms. The College’s Institutional Assessment and Improvement Plan called for adding online and blended teaching models, which combine online and on-ground delivery, to its proven on-campus programs in 2022.

And then there was the Coronavirus with its far-reaching impact on everyone and everything. Leadership calls for facing adversity head-on, and ASPIRA City College is doing just that. Rising to the challenges presented by the Coronavirus. ASPIRA City College has been using this difficult time to strengthen the ways we serve students.

Working with Instructional Design Specialists, and technology enhancements, the College is advancing its plan to restructure its programs to add online and blending program delivery models to its on-ground offerings. Our campus will re-open for on-ground programs when public health advisories guide our decisions to do so. Until such time, current and newly enrolling students attend live instructor-led classes with our technology upgraded online teaching platform, Electa. We are working to make online and blended program delivery, permanent options, for enrolling students to choose from in addition to our on-ground delivery model.

To further serve prospective students, the College is implementing online admissions technology and processes. When completed in late July, the admission gateway will enable prospective students to launch quick chats with Admissions and Financial Aid Advisors or meet with them virtually using video conferencing. Prospective students will be able to apply for admissions and financial aid securely online, upload required documents, download and print papers for their records, and even attend academic orientation virtually.

While the Coronavirus has disrupted so much for everyone, ASPIRA City College is now even more ready to meet student training and support needs. Together we can take this time, not just to survive, but to thrive by training for new post-COVID-19 in-demand careers. For more information on ASPIRA City College and our accelerated online and on-campus career programs, call us today or schedule a virtual campus tour with one of our friendly admissions representatives.