How Workplace Technology Can Inspire Success | ASPIRA City College

No one can tell the future, but one thing is a virtual certainty – most people will use computer technology at work. Whether you become a web designer, medical secretary, or computer support specialist, undoubtedly you will use productivity software, like Microsoft Office or Google Workspace, along with various applications particular to the industry and your specific duties. From ICD-10 for medical billing, to desktop management and remote-control software for computer support, to JavaScript and Visual Basic to build a website, mastering technology is key to many long, rewarding careers.

That’s why ASPIRA City College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, places a special emphasis on technological readiness in each of our career training programs. Specifically, we award Web Design and Computer Support Specialist program graduates with an Associate in Specialized Technology (AST) degree, while our Medical Secretary students learn applications essential to medical office administration and earn a post-secondary diploma. Here, we delve deeper into why education with an emphasis on technology is vital to kick-starting your new career.

The Value of Tech-Focused Education

Most people have the sense that technology is not only advancing but accelerating – and that’s because it is. Innovation is constant, and development is ongoing. The result is that we live in a plugged-in world, with the use of workplace technology changing everything from how we communicate and work to even where we work, as evidenced by the dramatic increase in work from home through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Technology-reliant workplaces need tech-competent people. That’s why more and more employers seek new hires that can demonstrate tech competence with a solid understanding of the programs they’ll be using day-to-day – the kind of programs we teach our students at ASPIRA City College.

Starting a Sustainable Career

As technology evolves, each innovation brings new employment opportunities. More and more people do their shopping or search for services on the Internet, so companies need skilled web designers to build websites that capture consumer attention. As medical offices and hospitals move to electronic medical records and medical coding and insurance billing, entry-level medical secretaries must start their careers with the required technical know-how to do the job. Meanwhile, as industry is ever more reliant on technology for productivity, data storage, and security, the demand for computer support specialists, who step in to solve user tech problems, continues to be high nationwide.

Web Design, Computer Support, Medical Secretary the careers we train students for at ASPIRA City College – are not going away. Reliance on technology will continue, and the demand for those who know how to work with it will, too. That’s why ASPIRA City College ensures that all of our students, regardless of program, have a sound technological education in addition to the core, career-specific knowledge and skills they’ll need for success on the job.

What You Can Become at ASPIRA City College

What all this growth means is that professionals trained in technology are set up to achieve long-term success. Expertise is in high demand, even if it’s just familiarity with Microsoft Excel or rudimentary knowledge of data input software. With an AST degree or post-secondary medical secretary education, graduates can access a wide array of career options, including:

Information Technology (IT)

  • Desktop support technician
  • Help desk analyst
  • LAN technician
  • Network installer
  • Technical support specialist
  • Other related titles

Web Design

  • Interaction designer
  • Web architect
  • Web design specialist
  • Front-end developer
  • Junior front-end developer
  • Web developer
  • UX or UI designer
  • JavaScript developer
  • Webmaster
  • Other related titles

Medical and Healthcare

  • Front desk receptionist
  • Medical office assistant
  • Administrator
  • Medical transcriptionist
  • Billing and coding specialist
  • Patient services representative
  • Office manager

A firm grasp of technology, Internet design, computer support, and people skills will help make you an in-demand employee, no matter where your career takes you – and ASPIRA City College is here to help you get there. In just four semesters at ASPIRA City College, you can walk away with an AST degree or post-secondary diploma, technical aptitude, and skills for building a successful career – whether you learn online or on-campus in Philadelphia, PA. To learn more about how our tech-focused programs can help you join the workforce as quickly as possible, contact us today at 215-455-2300.