How to Know It’s Time for a Career Change | ASPIRA City College

Everyone has an occasional off day at work, even when they love their position and career. For some, however, that off day is every day because they’re in an unrewarding, low-paying, dead-end job. If you dread even the thought of your job and the best moment of your day is punching out, it’s time to dump the dead-end job track.

At ASPIRA City College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we believe the best time to start training for a new career is when you realize that what you do for a living isn’t sustainable. You’ve already gone from one job to the next, only to find yourself back where you were before. If you now go for another job, you’ll find yourself in the same place again. It’s time to go for a career!

ASPIRA City College is ready to put you on course for a better future. We offer short-term career training to prepare you for a career as a Web Designer, Computer Support Specialist, or Medical Secretary – careers with significant employment opportunities in and around Philadelphia and nation-wide. Here, we’ve compiled some of the most common signs and symptoms of dead-end jobs and why our students decide to jump off and train for a career without further delay. If you relate to any of them, we’re standing by to help you determine whether our career-training programs are a fit for you. And, if they’re not, we’re ready to point you in other directions that may be.

The Telltale Signs It’s Time

If you love your job, you mostly find yourself fully engaged in your work all day, every day. It’s not just about the good money you make, but the work itself matters to you, you enjoy talking about it, and you care about the company’s success. On the contrary, if you find yourself dreaming about anything and everything else, it’s time for action. If your interests point to the IT or healthcare fields, you can gain the knowledge and skills in demand by employers in as little as 9 to 15 months at ASPIRA City College. Plus, financial aid is available to all students who qualify to make getting started now even more possible. Let’s look at some of the telltale signs it’s time for career training:

  • You do as little as it takes not to get fired.
  • You’re bored with your daily job activities.
  • The money doesn’t pay your expenses, let alone let you save or buy extras.
  • If you ever made suggestions, you’ve since stopped.
  • You call out sick, but you’re well.
  • You wishfully play the lottery – a lot!
  • You haven’t learned anything new in a long time.
  • There are no clear advancement opportunities.
  • You have a GED or high school diploma but no more training.
  • The only reason you’re still there is it pays the bills.
  • A robot could do your job.
  • You avoid talking to friends and family about your job.
  • The days and weeks drag on slowly.
  • You visit online job boards and randomly send your resume.
  • The thought of being in the same position in a year makes you sick.

Everyone has a few off days when boredom, frustration, or dissatisfaction strike. When these feelings and telltale signs become constant, it’s time for a well-fitting career, so rather than just survive, you can thrive.

Begin Your Career Change with ASPIRA City College

If you identify with these signs, it’s time to reconnect with your interests for a well-fitting career – because life is too short to hate your job. ASPIRA City College offers on-campus and online learning options with several class schedules to meet your needs. Whether you are interested in our Web Design, Medical Secretary, or Computer Support Specialist program, we’re ready to help you explore your interest and make choices that work for you. Take the next step and request info, schedule a virtual visit, or apply now.