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If you’re thinking of pursuing a degree in web design, you probably have what’s involved, what you can expect, and future career opportunities on your mind. If you are creative, readily come up with new ideas, and love technology, then this career path may be perfect for you. But if you need more convincing, ASPIRA City College takes a look at some of the fruitful web design career options available to those who are working towards a degree in this innovative field.

Career Opportunities for Professional Web Designers

As a web designer, employment opportunities can range from a variety of corporate settings to working at home as a freelancer. Depending on your goals, needs, and lifestyle, you could pursue any of the following career paths with a degree in web design from ASPIRA City College:

  • Front End Developer
  • This position focuses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and tasks supporting the development and maintenance of a website’s back-end system. The lack of “designer” in the title is intentional because the position doesn’t focus on aesthetic website design. Instead, it focuses on using web-based languages to code the site. Our graduates excel in this position thanks to their grasp on concepts beyond core technologies, such as regression testing or performance.

  • Web Developer
  • In this position, you could utilize your ASPIRA City College degree to focus on creating a dependable website infrastructure. In other words, you’d be working on the back-end of websites with languages specific to the web. This role requires skill in database/server work and Javascript, while a basic understanding of HTML is desirable.Also, it’s important to note that a web developer is very different from a front-end developer. This is because web developers are less involved with the website’s construction and more concentrated on programming concepts and concerns, like security.

  • SEO Specialist
  • As a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist, you would target and apply specific strategies to increase the traffic of your clients’ websites. This would mean helping your clients rank better on search engine results pages and generating more business for them. This occupation has many alternative titles, including online marketer and digital account executive.

  • UX Designer
  • UX is an acronym for user experience, so UX designers work to prioritize a user’s experience at all steps of content creation. As a UX designer, your job would be to design digital products, like websites and mobile apps, in a way that enhances their usability. This could include incorporating an aesthetically pleasing color scheme, creating comprehensive site maps, and much more.

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