Is the Fast Path at Our Philadelphia Campus Right for You? – ASPIRA City College

Whether you are fresh out of high school or an adult wanting to upgrade your skills to advance or start a new career, ASPIRA City College has you covered. ASPIRA’s training programs are designed with schedule options to suit your lifestyle needs. If you have young kids home for the summer, our Traditional Day schedule with summers off can be a perfect fit. If you work during the day, our Evening programs are the way to go. But if you want to get in and out of school as quickly as possible, our Fast Path is the perfect solution. The Fast Path schedule is the express lane to program completion.

Here at ASPIRA City College of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we know you need choices that work, and we do our best to serve you. Read on to learn more about our Fast Path Day track and what prospective students should consider before enrolling.

Fast Path Means Less Time in School

Fast Path is less time in school – it is not less education. The credit and clock hours for each program remain the same, no matter which schedule you choose. The difference is in the length of semester breaks – our Fast Path day schedule has shorter semester breaks and no summer break.

If you’re interested in medical administration, the fast track Medical Secretary program allows you to earn a Post-Secondary Diploma, completing your education in just nine months. Similarly, those interested in information technology can earn an Associate in Specialized Technology (AST) Degree in our Computer Support Specialist or Web Design programs to become employment-ready in 15 short months.

What to Consider

Before choosing between our Fast Path Day, Traditional Day, or Evening schedule, we recommend that you think about resources you have or can put into place to ease your way. Consider the help you may need to attend classes, such as childcare or picking the kids up from school, as well as temporary financial support, and line up the backing you may need.  If you identify with any of the following criteria, then the Fast Path Day schedule just might be the right choice for you:

Having Financial Responsibilities

If you’re an unemployed adult with bills to pay over your head, the Fast Path Day schedule is your best solution for work readiness and earning an income quickly. And at ASPIRA City College, we know well that unless someone is supporting or helping you out, there is quite a lot of pressure to get back to work and earning a healthy living quickly. That’s why we start our programs more frequently than traditional academic colleges.

Seeking a Promotion at Work

If you are already working but need upward mobility, earning an AST Degree or post-secondary diploma can be an effective way to get in line for a promotion. Since most people in this situation must work and attend school at the same time, the choice between the Fast Path and the Evening schedule is based on your current work schedule or the terms you can negotiate with your employer.

Adjusting to Life as a New Veteran

As a veteran, you may have spent a few months to several years overseas serving our country, and now, you might be itching to get a jumpstart on your new career. Unless there are other considerations, ASPIRA City College’s Fast Path Day schedule will suit you perfectly because you can complete career training and get on to the next chapter quickly.

Parenting School-Aged Kids

Being at work or in college can mean spending time away from home. And for parents with kids that are too young to be at home alone, the Traditional schedule at ASPIRA City College is the solution. The Traditional Day schedule means you have summers off just like your school-aged kids. Moreover, our academic calendar generally mirrors the Philadelphia Public School Calendar, so when the kids have holidays, you do, too.

Options that Fuel Your Future

At ASPIRA City College in Philadelphia, PA, we value our students’ time. That’s why we offer several program track options so they can make the best possible use of it. But no matter which they choose, our students all receive the same level of technical, communication, and career-specific training to set them up for future success. To learn more about our accelerated degree programs, contact us today or schedule a campus tour with one of our friendly admissions representatives.